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Ancient traditions thought of the heart as the primary seed of consciousness, as the seed of the Soul—the key to accessing our inner wisdom. Part of our journey is to come back to our center, to connect to our heart as our center, rather than the brain.
We need to love from the heart! To think, act and speak from the heart.




Affirmations are potent spells that shape our outer world. Our subconscious is not linear. It does not recognize the past, present, or future. There is only now!

When our affirmations start with "I want…," we become trapped in a state of craving and desire. Stating affirmations with "I AM...." Ignites us into the moment.

I am love, RIGHT NOW and FOREVER!

When we say I AM HAPPINESS, we shift from craving happiness to being happiness. Replacing I WANT affirmations with I AM affirmations, inspires a new powerful way of being.  

Reset your self dialogue with I AM affirmations and embody the power of I AM.

MY POWERFUL Affirmation

I am light, I am love, I am a goddess, I am a creator, I am gold, I am abundance, I am protected, I am thankful, I am an eternal being, I am in service, I am a guide, I am guided, I am psychic, I am a starseed, I am magickal, I am a rainbow, I am a mediator, I am a messenger, I am centered, I am empowered, I am strong, I am creative, I am joy, I am powerful, I am truthful, I am spontaneous, I am balance, I am peaceful, I am spirit, I am sexual, I am nonjudgmental, I am giving, I am honest, I am patient, I am dedicated, I am virtuous, I am honor, I am charitable, I am happiness, I am worth it, I am the Universe, I am a high priestess, I am an empress, I am a a divine force, I am forward movement, I am transgressor, I am acceptance, I am awareness, I am authentic, I am allowing, I am light, I am darkness, I am amazing, I am angelic, I am altruistic, I am beauty, I am blessings, I am caring, I am change, I am wonder, I am compassion, I am unconditional love, I am confident, I am creativity, I am consciousness, I am celebration, I am dynamic, I am divine, I am empathy, I am energy, I am enough, I am expansive, I am extraordinary, I am flow, I am forgiving, I am forgiveness, I am free, I am fun, I am freedom, I am fulfilled, I am glow, I am generous, I am genuine, I am giving, I am good, I am grace, I am gratitude, I am grounded, I am harmony, I am healthy, I am imagination, I am inspiration, I am inspirational, I am incredible, I am innovation, I am intuitiveness, I am intelligence, I am knowledge, I am lovable, I am luck, I am magnificent, I am serenity, I am tranquil, I am unique, I am unity, I am vibrant, I am victorious, I am whole, I am wealth, I am radiant, I am prosperity, I am royal, I am royalty, I am relaxed, I am resourceful, I am perfect, I am perfection, I am wicked, I am oneness, I am multidimensional, I am other galactic races, I am sacred geometry, I am blissful, I am original, I am a master, I am a reflection, I am healing, I am open minded, I am open, I am nirvana, I am mind blowing, I am a mystic, I am a witch, I am a wizard, I am a shaman, I am earth, I am wind, I am water, I am fire, I sovereign, I AM …


I believe this time on Earth is crucial. A new paradigm is arising. We are shifting from a digital to a galactic philosophy. Our bodies are crystallizing. Our chakras are expanding, becoming more luminous as we shift and motivate from our heart chakras and less our ego-mind.

With this shift comes feelings of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. We might find ourselves feeling stuck, reacting negatively, struggling with moods.The less aligned we are with hour higher selves and the natural world, the transition is harder.


My journey began with memories of my past galactick life. At the age of seven, I experienced visions and communicated with my ancestors on different planes. After my parents rejected my prophetic abilities, the visions stopped and remained blocked until I consciously activated my ascension in 2018.

Since then, my life has been a magickal rollercoaster of events. My other-dimensional Romies’ and various entities have guided me to new techniques and modalities, enabling me to assist others in raising their personal vibration and embrace a spiritual path.

Part of my mission here on Earth is to spread the light by helping others navigate the shadows and create balance. To empower everyone with the spiritual tools needed to live an authentic heart-based life. Having happier, spiritually fulfilled humans here on Earth will create a ripple effect of Love out into the Universe. Love is the energy currently needed throughout the galaxies for an awakened future.



Your Merkaba is in constant communication with Source energy, enabling you to create the reality that you truly desire. Your Merkaba can be programmed through meditation and by setting your intention. To achieve this, your Merkaba must be spinning, which is accomplished through breathing exercises, consistency and careful instruction.

Only you can program your Merkaba!

There are two ways to activate your Merkaba: active or reactive. Active patterning is very proactive and conspires to create your desired reality. Reactive, female programming is more receptive and open, using instructions and I Am affirmations.


Sit quietly and comfortably. It is better to do this outdoors under the stars if you can.

Place your bare feet on the Earth and set your open palms on your lap.

Close your eyes.

Start the breathing by placing your tongue on top of your palate.

Inhale light from your Hara Chakra through your nose. Exhale any tension through the mouth, pushing the air out, around your tongue. Repeat at least 3 times. After 3 or 4 times, you may inhale and exhale normally.

Visualize the masculine upside-down cosmic tetrahedral around your body. Starting at your knees and extending up beyond your head. This pyramid contains wisdom, truth, and the pure radiant light of the universe. Pull this tetrahedral pyramid to you until the apex of the cosmic pyramid is touching the top of the Earth's feminine tetrahedral pyramid (your crown chakra).

Slowly pull the cosmic tetrahedron into your being until the top point of the Universal pyramid descends past your feet, into the Earth, and down to the Earth's core.

Activate your pyramids, so they are spinning in opposite directions. As you imagine them turning, envision a light field around your body getting larger and larger.

Breathe in and out slowly in a circular pattern.

Communicate your intentions to your Merkaba to start creating your new reality.

When done, slowly take your attention off your Merkaba and scan your aura. Say thank you to your Merkaba and higher self and return to your body.

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