​Born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Romie is of Italian and Spanish descent. A Starseed / Healer / Intuitive / Mystic / Goddess, she has studied various disciplines and modalities throughout her life. Her multicultural background provided opportunities for the discovery of her multidimensional soul. 

Her journey started with the arts. As a teenager growing up in Buenos Aries, Romie studied graphic, interior, and fashion design. Later, she pursued acting and modeling, which lead her back to Los Angeles.

Romie has studied and read the Tarot since her teenage years. Courses and training in mediumship, quantum touch healing, and meditation have guided her spiritual journey and fueled her curiosity in numerous spiritual and mystic traditions.


Seeking a higher level of knowledge & Light, empowerment, and structure; Romie has initiated herself into The Modern Mystery School, which carries out the work of the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT & THE GALACTIC FEDERATION on this planet and is charged with honoring, preserving, and handing down the tools and teachings in the lineage of King Salomon.

Romie is a Kabbalist and is here on Planet Earth to help create Shambala.

She believes her knowledge and wisdom are something to be shared. Empowering herself is rooted in the empowerment of others. She is committed to assisting like-minded individuals on their spiritual quests.
I A M . . .

Romie believes we see things when we are ready. Creating space for curiosity opens “invisible” doors which aren’t invisible.