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This potent Detox + Self Empowerment healing program is curated for anyone who is ready to define their future by reinventing themselves.

If you are ready to let go of painful relationships, ancestral traumas, and life experiences that no longer serve you,

then this program is for you.

It is for those who want to step into an empowered life filled with joy, redirecting that pain into manifesting the heart's true desires.

Do you feel you are sleeping your life away?

The package is designed for people ready to step up to their

God-Given powers and lead a new life filled with joy, freedom, inner peace, and love every day, even on rough days.

Improve self-worth and create flow by clearing energy around

self-doubt, stagnation, and procrastination.

About Me...

I am a certified Life Action Practitioner, Healer, Teacher & Guide in the Lineage of King Solomon from the Modern Mystery School

and I employ ancient tools that have been available in the Mystery Schools for thousands of years but seem relatively

new to the current world we live in!

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Does any of the following resonate with you?

𓁿 Yours and other people's fears stop you from taking risks and makes you doubt yourself.

𓁿 You feel you need more energetic protection & clearing.

𓁿 Your life is a succession of unpleasant events but you are inspired to make a difference in this world

𓁿 You highly desire a balanced life with a romantic partnership that will support, respect, and celebrate you.

𓁿 You have a sense of

"There has to be more to this life than this current reality."

𓁿 You feel an energetic meltdown, the light bulb in your life is getting dim and are ready to step out of it.

𓁿 You feel anxious because there is uncertainty in your life and things are not going as planned.

𓁿 You feel stuck in your life, don't know how to move forward, and are confused about the next steps.

𓁿 You feel anything is possible, but yet it feels impossible to anchor it into the physical.

𓁿 You talk yourself out of doing what you know you have to do for yourself to accomplish your dreams by making others people's priorities yours.

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Benefits Include But Not Limited

You can stop yourself from jumping but
If you want to take the risk and jump...
I can lead you through the fall!

𓁿 Clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns.

𓁿 Relief from anxiety and depression.

𓁿 Increasing of personal abundance.

𓁿 Easily break old unhealthy habits.

𓁿 Greater connection to your Higher Self.

𓁿 Increased emotional stability.

𓁿 Overcome Negative Ego.

𓁿 Alignment into a Greater Purpose.

𓁿 Gain Greater Clarity and Connection.

𓁿 Empowers yourself from Within.

This eight-phase package includes three bonus healings and can be completed in four weeks, plus an additional

2-day Advanced Spiritual Training Weekend Workshop.

self detox self empowerment healing program_edited.jpg

The Energetic Detox + Self Empowerment Includes


Are you ready to take the leap and kick off your Hero's Journey?

self detox self empowerment healing program_edited.jpg
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