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2024 Astro Tarot Wheel

Ready to connect to the stars and the archetypal energies of the Tarot?
This annual reading is the secret weapon to navigate the energies of the year 2024.
Plan ahead and face challenges from a different perspective.

Shift your awareness!

This is my favorite Annual Ritual I practice.

I don't start my New Year without this magickal tool. It's really powerful, and if it's used correctly, it will open new dimensions of

yourself to explore.


Awake Your Multi Dimensionality

This Astro Tarot Workshop is for those who want to leverage the power of their daily life and take it to the next level of empowerment.


Step up to their God-Given powers and lead a new life filled with joy, freedom, inner peace, and love every day, even on rough days.

Improve self-worth and create flow by clearing energy around

self-doubt, stagnation, and procrastination.

This is a great place where to start if you are seeking answers to questions like:

Who am I? Why am I here at this time? Is there a purpose for me?

About Me...

I am a certified Life Action Practitioner, Healer, Teacher, Ritual Master & Guide in the Lineage of King Solomon from the

Modern Mystery School

and I employ ancient tools that have been available in the Mystery Schools for thousands of years but seem relatively

new to the current world we live in!


With This 2024 Astro Tarot Version You Will Get

𓁿 3 Digital Files:

#1 Your completed 78-card Astro Tarot Wheel

#2 Your 2024 Major Arcana Esoteric Names & Mantras

#3 Your 2024 Astro Tarot Journal to work your magick

𓁿 One hour + recorded reading going through each of the 13 pieces of the pie, talking about the archetypal energies that will show up in your life.

𓁿 Exclusive Monthly recorded report and Astro energies and guided meditation to activate the monthly astrological energies in accordance with your Monthly Major Arcana.

(13 meetings total, and recordings will be available)

𓁿 13 Beeswax mini tapers (various colors) + a Bewitching Oil to activate the archetypal energies with the monthly Rituals.

𓁿 Holy Water to sanctify your place of Ritual.


Benefits Include But Not Limited

𓁿 Get to learn about yourself through the power of the Tarot & Astrology

𓁿 Anticipate events and smoothly navigate them.

𓁿 Activate abundance in your life

𓁿 Easily break old unhealthy habits.

𓁿 Activate your psychic powers.

𓁿 Alignment into a Greater Purpose.

𓁿 Gain Greater Clarity and Connection.

𓁿 Empowers yourself from Within.


Enlightenment emerges from the darkness of our previously limited sense perceptions into a knowledge of and participation in that greater reality.

After Purchase You Will Receive

𓁿 Your Digital File + Recorded Reading within 15 days.

𓁿 Shipping of the Beeswax Candles & Holy Water will occur within 15 days of purchase.



This Is An Outstanding Holiday Gift

To Start Your 2024 Filled With Magick!

Are you ready to take the leap and kick off your Hero's Journey?


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