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You Will Need:

a Tray or dish, Matches or Lighter, a Small Piece of Paper, a Pen, or a Pencil.

1. Prepare for your ritual by writing out your petition - or your wishes and objectives - on a small piece of paper.

2. Using a knife or nail, inscribe your name on the base of the candle. If you like, you can also inscribe keywords of your wishes. For example, Jamie Loves Me, Get the Promotion, Protect My Family, or Perfect Health. You may write more than one wish as long as they are all related to the theme of the ritual.

3. Fold your petition paper toward you and place it on the tray or dish and then place your candle on top of the petition paper.

4. Next, say: "I carry myself as the Queen I am."

5. Next, say: "I am powerful and attract all good things to me."

6. Now, you’re ready to set your ritual in motion. Light your candle, focusing on your prayer or intention.

7. Safety first! Let the candle burn any time that you are at home and awake. If you leave your house or go to sleep, snuff the candle out - don’t blow it out - and re-light it when you return or awaken.

8. If you see that the wick is drowning in melted wax, carve a channel with a knife to let the wax drain. This is just a sign of resistance towards the intention, so you must work with it and help the energies flow lightly.

9. Once the candles have burned completely, wrap the remaining wax in a cotton cloth or brown paper bag and keep it until your wishes come true. Once you achieve your goal, you may bury your remains in your yard or place them in the center of a crossroads - where two roads intersect.

10. Your ritual is complete.

11. Wrap the remaining wax, and either keep it until your wishes come true, bury it in your yard or in a potted plant, or ritually dispose of it by saying, “This spell is complete.”

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