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kabbalistic 6 wish

You Will Need:

a Tray or dish, Matches or Lighter, a Small Piece of Paper, a Pen, or a Pencil.

1. Prepare the space to do the work. This candle will drip as it burns, so use a tray or dish to place your candle on. You may cover the tray in aluminum foil if you would like an easier cleanup.

2. Using a knife or a nail, inscribe 6 to 24 wishes on the candle, one on each knob wall of the candle. You may write one word or phrase six times or choose six different intentions. Make sure this intention is deeply connected to your heart with the frequency of Love.

3. For something you want to bring in, inscribe the words on the knobs in an upward direction from the base toward the wick, starting at the lowest knob and moving up.

4. For something you want to be removed, inscribe the words from the top know towards the base, starting at the top knob.

5. Affix the candle to the tray or dish. Take a match or lighter and light the bottom of the candle to soften the wax and then hold it on the tray until it sticks.

6. You are now ready to light your candle. Speak your intention or prayer out loud as you light the wick.

7. Let the candle burn until one knob burns down completely, and then snuff it out.

8. The next day, repeat steps 6 & 7. Burn one knob each day for a total of 6 days.

9. On day six, light your candle again with your intention, but let it burn completely and go out on its own. When the candle has completed burning, your spell work is complete.

10. You may keep the wax in a bag and place it in a hidden place in your home until your ritual comes to fruition. Alternatively, you may bury it in front of your property or in a potted plant in your home. You may want to mold the leftover beeswax into meaningful shapes and place these wax talismans on your altar or add a small piece of wax to a mojo bag. You can soften the wax with your hands' heat or a hair dryer.

11. Your Ritual is complete, and your work is to envision your positive results.

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