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Spiritual Alchemy

Advanced Spiritual Training & Healing

Certified By The Modern Mystery School

I offer holistic alternative health services to those seeking balance, peace, and change.

As a Healer, Metaphysical Teacher & Guide Certified by the Modern Mystery School, I am committed to helping people from all walks of life progress, heal, and get unstuck in their journey.

With my services, I assist clients in identifying and releasing negative energy, establishing a connection to their spiritual powers, and shifting their perspective for a more fulfilling life.

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Are designed to awaken your DNA potential and initiate a positive shift in your life.

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Align your physical and energetic systems re-balancing and attuning you to a higher state of being

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Relieve stress, fatigue and trauma, as well as providing insight into the soul's purpose and direction.

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If you are feeling stuck, sluggish, or low in life, Through this practice, you will gain a sense of clarity and confidence,

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SPiritual readings

They are designed to awaken your DNA potential and initiate a positive shift in your life.

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I use high vibrational energy to encourage the Universe to provide LOVE & LIGHT to those who seek it. Feel your best, both mentally, physically and spiritually.


“Life Activation by Romie Bo didn’t fully show its true power until months later when I looked around and my world had shifted. My life was activated. My intuition sharpened. My need to fight softened. My purpose in life became more evident.
If you are actively working on your own metamorphosis, Romie Bo has the knowledge and tools to advance your journey exponentially. My love and thanks to Romie Bo”

Greg W.
Los Angeles, CA

an invitation to transform your soul




Advanced Spiritual Trainings

Romie's professional services are designed to offer you invaluable insights, expertise, and unwavering dedication to help you achieve your goals and dreams. As a certified practitioner of the ancient Lineage of King Solomon, Romie possesses the requisite tools, knowledge, wisdom and experience to assist and guide you at every step of your journey.


I will teach you how to tap into your own magickal powers and manifest your dreams. Join me and I'll show you how to create a life of joy, abundance and fulfillment.

all in one

I believe that by focusing on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, you can find true balance and ultimate wellness. 


My services are tailored to each individual and include guidance and support on your journey to spiritual health.


My mission is to provide people with a spiritual roadmap that will bring understanding of what your purpose is in this lifetime.

Benefits of working with Romie Bo

ready to transform your life?

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